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Has the tech support suddenly become sale personal as well? We have been with jag for a while on VPS with a joomla installation – ...

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    Server down - joomla needs hybrid?

    Has the tech support suddenly become sale personal as well?

    We have been with jag for a while on VPS with a joomla installation – we just recently build a new joomla did it on a cheap shared hosting while the old one was live on the VPS. Then we move the new joomla to our VPS and started to optimize all js, images, css and so on without using any things like Gzip or similar server killers. Suddenly our VPS became very slow and today it took a deep dive. Filled a ticket and the response was we were using a lot of node and should probably move to hybrid or dedicated? because of a single joomla install?

    Now reading other treads we can see other users are getting kind of better support where some tech will says we found the issue it was your hctaccess file or it was your spamd or something.

    We got nada except we should buy something 3 times the price we have been on for a year working fine…and it makes you wonder how it can run smoothly on a shared server – getting optimized moved to a VPS and then being told your joomla needs a hybrid for 97 dollars per month.

    ticket #13008087

    Oh yes and the beauty of it...our site is still down so we dont have any chance to go and search/fix any issues our selves...
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    We regret that you are having to go through this. Your ticket is being worked on currently as I see it and you will receive a reply shortly.
    Regarding support working as sales, please note that tech support only sees technical details like resource usage of an account and suggests an appropriate package considering the resource usage of an account over a few days. If resource usage of an account exceeds the current hosting package and effects quality of service for other clients on the same hardware, there is always a chance that you will be asked to upgrade. Techs do need to be vigilant in this to keep the servers up and healthy and they always provide clear evidence of load causing scripts or activity before suggesting any kind of upgrade to the clients and I believe your ticket has been updated with the load causing processes.

    Please also note that optimizing scripts to be resource efficient is development related work which is not covered in support and your developer/s should be able to assist you in this regard. Do update the ticket for any queries in this regard.
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    Well this just gets better and better :-(

    So since we are live with our site and deliver service to mobile operators we had to go with the idea of moving to a Hybrid - allthough we still dont have traffic nor anything else indicating why we should have high CPU usage...

    So ordered a Hybrid after a few questions that in all fairness was answered quickly be the tech staff. One of the questions was - since we "are live" if this move could be done over the weekend? The answer was YES! So we ordered - Then the ticket was forwarded to SALES and...


    For 2 hours - So we bumped the ticket...

    Waited another 2 hours!!!
    And someone from Sales confirmed they where alive and had seen the ticket...

    now it is SATURDAY and still no news - no action - and pretty soon - no customer...

    For 3 days now the VPS we are on a coughing up crap...we have to launch with another customer next week - contract signed but we cannot present crap like this.

    Ticket #13009759
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    I show that the migration was still in progress at the time you posted but it should be completed now. I'm looking into why the ticket was moved to the sales queue (which is not open on weekends) before the migration was finished. It should have been updated more frequently to avoid having another ticket opened. Having multiple tickets about the same issue can cause further confusion as well. However; I do understand why you opened the second one and hopefully this sort of issue won't happen again.

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