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    Loyal Client
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    Nov 2011

    JaguarPC's website and helpdesk should be hosted on a different data center

    When there are data center network issues with our servers, JaguarPC's own website and helpdesk is also inaccessible. This makes it difficult for us to report issues or get updates about ongoing issues.

    I strongly suggest that the JaguarPC website and helpdesk be moved to a data center different from where clients are housed so that there will still be a point of communication in case of data center network issues.

    I guess it goes without saying that this should also be implemented with JaguarPC's sister companies like ResellerZoom, HostingZoom, etc. (which I also have accounts). They too, appear to be offline when there are data center network issues.

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    Nearly 100% Pure Carbon thecoalman's Avatar
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    Nov 2007
    Northeast Pennsylvania
    I'll also add JaguarPC Emergency Backup Blog was inaccessible.

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    JPC Dream Team JPC-Sabrina's Avatar
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    Aug 2011
    Your best source for information and updates when our sites or help desk is unavailable is our Twitter feeds and Facebook pages. We post updates at those locations as soon as possible. You can follow our Twitter Feed for JaguarPC or you can check in at our Facebook Page for JaguarPC. These social media platforms are almost always available and they allow us to keep in touch with our clients on a daily basis as well during events that can cripple certain or entire elements of our network.
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    Loyal Client
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    Nov 2011

    That is an adequate alternative however the original suggestion above is probably the best way to go.

    It allows customers to submit a ticket "right away" at official communications channels like the help desk as issues happen instead of submitting a ticket after the issues has been solved.
    This is can be helpful for SLA verification.

    I hope you can consider this as Facebook and Twitter updates is not known to all customers, I only found out about it now that you said it.
    It is also harder to track Facebook/Twitter status for record keeping purposes.

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    JaguarPC, CEO JPC-Greg's Avatar
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    Sep 1998
    We'll find more fireproof ways to keep our information and at least backup sites ready. That was an oversight that the backup site was down as well. It will be moved again.
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