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This is a discussion on This is a copy of an email sent to [email protected] -- never received a reply. in the Hosting Talk & Chit-chat forum
I'm considering recommending you as the host for my clients. I am especially interested in what I've seen of your PHP Nuke hosting and the ...

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    This is a copy of an email sent to [email protected] -- never received a reply.

    I'm considering recommending you as the host for my clients. I am especially interested in what I've seen of your PHP Nuke hosting and the Control Panel you provide.

    My not-so-tech-savvy clients will want to update their own mailing list, news area, and calendar. They will also want members of their organization to be able to build their own representative pages within the site, each with their own log in. (For this I would prefer to build a template which the member pages are based on.)

    I would like to know how much of this is possible through the Control Panel you offer. If not all of it is possible through the Control Panel, do you recommend doing the whole site via PHP Nuke? I have been researching it and noting your presence in the PHP Nuke hosting community. It seems that if I want to set up a PHP Nuke site on your server, it would be automatically installed. Let me know what level of support I can expect from you as regards customizing PHP Nuke to my client's needs.

    Looking forward to working with you.
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    I'm right behind you....
    And by "never recieved a reply" I would have to ask when did you send it? How long have you been waiting for a reply?

    The Sales Department is not open on the weekends. Only tech support is 24/7, not sales. A little patience might go a long way here.

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    as thoroughly as I'm able

    No doubt it would be best to assume I'd just sent the email and was impatient. For the sake of argument we'll instead reference an email from April 4 which you'll find addressed to [email protected]. (Searching for text matching the content of the message I recently reposted should help.) I did leave a voice message on the 713-960-1502 number this past Thursday, leaving my home phone as well as my email address, if that assists you at all.

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    Hrm... interesting question[s], Chad... thought provoking even. They probably don't know how to answer you. I don't know if I can either, but...

    It sounds like you have seen the new banner ad that offers PHP-Nuke hosting on Jaguar PC, for x dollars per month, with x amount of space, and x amount of bandwidth.

    This is all true, but I think it leaves the impression (no pun intended) that JagPC is a PHP-Nuke hosting service. In a sense, nothing could be further from the truth. Let me explain...

    JagPC is a web host, pure and simple. They offer utility. They aren't a bunch of Nukers that decided to get into the web hosting business. When I signed up here a year ago, they just barely tolerated Nukers. 'They' thought 'we' were eating up their resources, and all that other B.S. Many web hosts have banned PHP-Nuke, because they don't understand it. That is THE point of the banners IMHO, not that they offer PHP-Nuke support. YOU probably know more about PHP-Nuke than JagPC.

    This reminds me of the local utility companies, here at the house. The 'city' takes care of the streets, the sewer and the garbage. Salt River Project takes care of the water. Arizona Public Service takes care of the electricity. They all do a fine job of providing roads, water and power to the OUTSIDE of my house, but if I have a problem INSIDE my home with the plumbing, electricity, et cetera, the onus lays upon me, like a dead weight, to get them fixed.

    I would suggest the same situation exists here. Personally, I wouldn't expect them to provide custom PHP-Nuke support in my domain[s] any more than I would expect the city, the light or power company to fix problems inside my home.

    Does this analogy make sense?

    Bottom line is, JagPC provides you with a certain amount of shared space on a dependable, managed server, a good, fast, unmetered connection to the internet, and a crappy, generic, industry standard, control panel to help you out a little. Yes, they offer PHP-Nuke web hosting, but support is going to be very limited here. You're going to have to depend on your own skills and the help of others in the PHP-Nuke community to maintain it.
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    I have searched for your email and have not been able to verify that we received it yet. I apologize if you have not received a response by either phone or email to this date.

    We do not specifically do any customization of php-nuke. The only support we have for php-nuke is the automatic installer provided in the control panel.
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