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Howdy, this is a pre-sales question. I am looking at the "giga deal". I have a collection of several domains (my own) that receive email. ...

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    Exactly how does email work for multi-hosted domains?

    Howdy, this is a pre-sales question.

    I am looking at the "giga deal".

    I have a collection of several domains (my own) that receive email. I have been using qmail dot-qmail files (I run my own Qmail server currently) to redirect addresses that I was stupid enough in the past to use verbatim in USENET postings and web sites (IE, SPAMola city...)

    What I gather from the FAQs on this site is the following.

    All POP mailboxes on a particular JPC account will be accessed through the primary/main domain of the site for that account. That is, no multi-hosted domain can have its own native POP mailboxes. True? Or am I taking this too restrictively?

    Email from the multi-hosted domains can be redirected to any other email address, including any of the POP mailboxes. True?

    Filters may be set up for individual email addresses, aliases or POP mailboxes.

    So... one concern I have is that the filters be able to distinguish between like named users on different multi hosted domains.

    IE: say I have [email protected] and [email protected]. Can I (for instance) redirect email sent to [email protected] to a different place than [email protected]?

    Next (last) question: does JPC let one set up bounce messages for particular email addresses or aliases? IE: can I bounce messages sent to [email protected]. And is it possible to customize the bounce message to allow a human on the sending end to see the error of their ways?

    With qmail one can customize all this stuff, so I've kind of gone hog wild with special rules that I will need to port over. When one uses a service like this. you have to accept the particular functions of the service. So that's why I'm being so nit picky.

    Thanks for any light you can shed.

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    You can forward any mail that would normally end up in the catchall account to another address. You can forward mail to any specific account on the main domain to another account. I don't use subdomains but I don't see why this wouldn't work for mail to a subdomain as well.

    Filters can't be set up for a specific account. Any rules set up using filters will apply to all accounts.

    You can also disable the catchall account to bounce or just deleate any e-mail that is not sent to a specific account.

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    Real quick:

    Yes, POP accounts can only be set up on the primary domain, but with forwarders you can receive mail from any domain. For example, you can set up [email protected] and [email protected] and then point a forwarder from [email protected] at the don-domain2 account. You can also set up similar don-domainn@primarydomain.com boxs for as many domains as you need.

    I believe that setting up forwarders that point to :fail: will allow you to bounce mail specific addresses. In addition you customize the bounce email by adding your message after the :fail:, as follows:


    I hope that answers your questions.

    Jason Pitoniak
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    These responses are very helpful. I thought it worked that way but I wanted confirmation.



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