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Is siberia a very new server? It's currently downed and downed again. Plus it has no htaccess enabled (which I presume all other servers have ...

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    About siberia.nocdirect.com (secure52.nocdirect.com)

    Is siberia a very new server? It's currently downed and downed again. Plus it has no htaccess enabled (which I presume all other servers have it enabled).

    This is not very good looking. I hope Jaguar will quickly make siberia up to speed, with all the promised features enabled and running.


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    I'm not sure that I'd want to be banished to Siberia

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    You arethe first user I know of "in" Siberia, so my guess it that its a new machine. As with any new system, there are always a few kinks to get worked out. Best thing to do when you come across something not working (such as .htaccess) is to contact support through a support ticket (you can create support tickets in the client section, logging in from the JPC main page). Support doesn't check in to the forums routinely enough to get quick results from posts here. For simple things like misconfigurations, the'll usually have it fixed in under an hour. As for the downtime, perhaps they were doing some kind of routine maintenance for fixing a problem when you were trying to access it. Things like that happen.

    I know that as a new client, when things are 100% from the get-go looks bad, but I'm sure you'll come to know JPC to be a very good and reliable host. I've hosted here for over three years now and many of the regulars on these boards have been here longer than me. JPC has great service and support. I'm sure, once the bumps in the raod are smoothed out, you come to feel the same way.

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    We shouldn't have to lecture JagPC on perception, but that's hilarious!

    ROFLMAO! Siberia?!?!?!? That's almost as bad as naming a server Uranus! Hahahahaha!
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