Folks, I have a problem that is just driving me crazy. I have a second website in a sub domain. It is in a sub directory of the www directory. I have a polling page to gather data from prospective customers. The poll just records the data into a simple csv file in the _private subdirectory. When I access the subdomain site all is well and when I access the poll page all is fine. I conduct my poll but when I hit the submit button I keep getting a login box for ID and password.

The funny thing is that the poll page works in the main web site located in the WWW directory and the _private subdir listed there. I checked the file attributes, password protection and htaccess. I am using frontpage and frontpage extensions and I just publish the site to the sub directory. This is driving me crazy. I know it is something simple and obvious but just don't know. Any help would be appreciated.

This is the poll page

The password box comes up after you hit submit
and the resulting URL after 3 bad password attempts is

Any ideas or clues???? This is driving me crazy..

Any help would be greatly appreciated...