G'day there,

Yesterday I used the Control Panel to install "Guestbook Advanced". It installed Advanced Gustbook v2.2. No problems. I then spent some time yesterday trying to fingure out how I might update to Advanced Guestbook v2.3.1, the latest version.

Then today, on the Control Panel under Addon Scripts, I find "Guestbook Advanced" which installs, updates or removes Advanced Guestbook v2.3.1, the latest version. Didn't I feel a bit stupid.

The upgrade option didn't work for me. Nor did the remove option. So I removed the guestbook directory, and the databases manually, and ran the Install option. Worked fine.

Can I suggest that you ADD "Advanced Guestbook" to the first list of Addon Scripts in Control Panel, and REMOVE the "Guestbook Advanced" option from the lower list. That might help to prevent others making the same mistake I did.

I didn't find any mention of Advanced Guestbook v2.3.1 in the "Cpanel Updates" news post. You might want to put something in there when you're done.

Best Regards, Lloyd.