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I just wanted to say THANK YOU to JaguarPC! Even when I feel like I'm being a nuissance with support tickets, you are always friendly. ...

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    The "Thank You JaguarPC" Thread

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU to JaguarPC! Even when I feel like I'm being a nuissance with support tickets, you are always friendly. When there is an issue that I could have fixed myself from the CPanel and didn't know I had access to fix the issue, you were right there and fixed it for me anyway. The turnaround time for getting an issue resolved is excellent as well. You guys are very curteous and the best!!

    Being a webmaster I have dealt with other hosting companies and their customer service isn't as friendly or as efficient. When I've talked to them on the phone they aren't very pleasant to talk to. Their reply e-mails aren't as nice of a tone either. I dealt with one hosting provider that took several months to fix an e-mail that wasn't working due to my CPanel needing to be upgraded. I contacted them several times about my e-mail saying "page not found", and they never did anything. Then a few months later I contacted them again and they finally said "I've upgraded your cpanel, it should work now".

    Thanks again for providing excellent services and the best customer service!

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    Agree that JagPC provides excellent service.

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    Thank you very much. It does all our hearts and ears well to hear this kind of feeling being expressed by clients.
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    I would also like to say, "Thanks". It's anice break from being scolded by the boss man (Jag). I kid, I kid.... but seriosly someone call for help he hasn't fed us in days.
    Brandon Lawler
    Jaguar Technologies LLC

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    As soon as you have my new machine up and running you can eat. Intil then -- back to the dun--er datacenter!

    (At least it's cool in there)

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    Likewise from here! Nice job!
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