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G'day, For some time now I've been using Blogger in its advanced mode. That is, it publishes the HTML files via FTP to my web ...

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    Blog Feedback Sought


    For some time now I've been using Blogger in its advanced mode. That is, it publishes the HTML files via FTP to my web site. But it is a limited solutuion, which was implemented at a time when I wasn't hosting with JaguarPC and didn't have access to PHP and MySQL.

    I'm now looking to switch to using a more powerful blog solution. I have had my eye on Nucleus CMS, b2evolution and WordPress.

    Ideally, I'd like to be able to support multiple blogs, with multiple authors. I'm thinking I might take up podcasting and maybe even videocasting in due course, so something with some form of support or add-ons for those could be useful.

    I'd appreciate any feedback from others with experience in running these blog tools, or other similar blog solutions.

    Best Regards, Lloyd.
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    My main tool is MovableType running with the MySQL backend and I've never had a problem with the Jag server.

    For a limited time I ran WP and didn't have a problem with the servers either. I know there's a few people in this forum running WP currently, so they might chime in.

    I don't know about Pod or Vid casts as I've never done it or seen the use for my kind of blogging.

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    I use WordPress to run my Kodiak's Korner blog (link in my sig). I switched to WP maybe six months ago from a homegrown system that I never had time to finish building and I'm quite happy with my decision.

    WP supports multiple users, but I don't think it supports multiple blogs. That is, you can have as many authors as you want, but they'll all be posting to the same site. You can't set up a separate site with a new design or whatever for each user. There are some spin-offs that allow it, though.

    There is info about podcasting in the WordPress Codex. I don't know anything about video casting, although it probably wouldn't be too difficult to modify WP to make it work.

    WordPRess and b2Evolution are basically branches of b2, so both are probably similar, although I've never looked at evolution. WP is the one that was officially endorsed by the original b2 developers, I believe.

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    About two months ago, I switched to WordPress (I was using GreyMatter) and I love it. It's so flexible and there is a large community of support out there.

    If you're familiar with CSS, it's also real easy to customize how your blog looks though the style sheets.


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