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Hello, I'm wondering what is the normal response time interval for support tickets? I've opened a few and they've yet to be answered. Thank you, ...

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    Support ticket answers?


    I'm wondering what is the normal response time interval for support tickets? I've opened a few and they've yet to be answered.

    Thank you,

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    Usually, mine get resolved in about five minutes. Sometimes they take up to three hours, but that's about the longest I've waited on the first reply.

    Also, remember that Sales only works during the regular business week (9-5, Mon-Fri), so if it's a sales ticket, you might be waiting a while.

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    Depends on the problem... for instance...

    If your MySQL server is locked up, they can kick it from their end in 5 minutes, and everyone is happy...

    If you need to have your MySQL client library updated to the current server version, and you submit your request Friday night at 10:00 PM, it requires Admin approval, so, your ticket might be sitting there for a few days. However, 'they' will tell you they're working on it...

    If you aren't getting any response, even a "we're working on it" message, something is wrong!
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    Hello diraytrongcay,

    As MAtt and Vin have explained ticket response times can vary. If you opened a support ticket, you should have an initial response back within 15 minutes. Now of course, that doesn't mean your problem will be resolved in 15 minutes; but we will quickly to resolve your issue. Certain issues can be more complex rather than a simple "give me shell access". The Sales office is not as time sensitive as support so response times depend on how busy the sales office is at the time you open your ticket. As Matt stated, the sales office is closed over the weekends, so it would be Monday before you receive a response.

    That all being said if there is something I can do for you tonight, just PM me and I'll do my best to get your issue resolved. I, as you, live in the real world and realize some things can't wait till Monday morning
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    Priority 1 seems like I get it solved before I post it
    Priority 2 for me takes about 5-15 minutes average, I think only once it took about an hour.
    Priority 3 usually takes a couple of hours - a day. One time mine was answered instantly. Good support they have

    If priorities don't matter, then this is just a coincidence I guess. (My problems are mostly "feature suggestion" and "mysql".)


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