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  • php

    17 80.95%
  • java / j2ee

    4 19.05%
  • asp

    2 9.52%
  • perl

    5 23.81%
  • python

    3 14.29%
  • ruby / ruby on rails

    3 14.29%
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This is a discussion on what programming language do you use in the Hosting Talk & Chit-chat forum
hi everyone i use ruby on rails for the website i am programming right now http://sprinj.com . however, i found out on several web dev ...

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    Post what programming language do you use

    hi everyone

    i use ruby on rails for the website i am programming right now http://sprinj.com. however, i found out on several web dev forums that ruby is very *rarely* used. i live also in quebec, canada, and i was looking for someone for the programming issues, and well ... i found noone.

    so i was wondering what is the real percentage of developers using php vs other programming languages

    so which language are you using ? are you planning to change one day


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    For web development, my favorite is Perl. I do use PHP a bit though. Offline (read: on windows systems) I use C/C++ mostly, and sometimes Perl.

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    Usually Perl. It's ubiquitous, portable, mature, scalable, and has a large user base. When coding it helps to have lots of ready resources to study and a community built on sharing. See CPAN.

    But use whatever tool does the job you need done and that you can understand readily.

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    I use PHP most of the time for my web stuff these days, although I sometimes have to use ASP for projects at work. For non-web scripting I typically use Perl or Bash.

    At work I often develop multimedia CD-ROMS using Director/Lingo or Flash/ActionScript. Sometimes I even need to start up Visual Basic to work on a Windows app.

    Jason Pitoniak
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    www.interbrite.com www.kodiakskorner.com

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    I do most of my gruntwork in PHP because I know it and it's easy (I come from a C/C++ background). Some things I do in Perl because you can find anything on CPAN, and I wrote a php wrapper I use for calling into perl scripts when I need to go that route. As of late, I'm migrating to Python. I'm actually quite pleased with Python.


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