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Just out of interest does Jaguarpc keep back ups of all of its customer sites? ...

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    Smile Backups?

    Just out of interest does Jaguarpc keep back ups of all of its customer sites?

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    Yes, they do nightly backups, which they use to restore sites when servers crash and whatnot. I don't know how long they keep each backup, though.

    The fact that they keep backups does not absolve you from keeping your own, however. JPC's backups are intended for restoring sites due to hardware failure, not for restoring files lost by clients. If you need them to search their backups for files you've lost they will charge you to do it. Also, JPC's backups are not foolproof and there have been problems with them in the past. Keeping your own copies that you've verified to be correct is the only way to truely be prepared for disaster.

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    You can also buy an extra backup service that you can manage yourself as well, or we can help setup as an additional means of backup. You can never have enough backups. And our new enterprise management system will be deployed in just a few weeks as well, look for that in the news and updates.
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