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OK... if i have this backup database and i want to restore it on a new webhost... what's hte easiest way. My database is a ...

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    Fastest way to restore MySQL database

    OK... if i have this backup database and i want to restore it on a new webhost... what's hte easiest way.

    My database is a 5MB SQL file... can phpMyAdmin run the file directly from my PC desktop?

    Or i'll have to insert the content manually?

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    You will need to ask us to enable SSH for you(if you know how to restore the database under SSH) or upload the sql file to your account and ask us to restore it by opening a ticket and providing us with the path to the sql file on your account and the database you want it imported to. This means you will firstly need to create the database in cPanel -> MySQL if it doesn't exist.
    Robert McGregor
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    New Client Soon

    ShoutCast Estimated needed bandwidth


    as i found out, that shoutcast is acceptable at dehe
    but i want help in estimating bandwidth needed

    for example:
    the average of listeners = 100 listeners (online)
    and stream rate is 56 kb/s
    and running time is 24/7 = 43200 minute

    so how much is the expected bandwidth?

    i found many calculators, but didnt understand anything from them
    so i requested help here

    Thank You

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    Hi there,

    If you would have 100 listeners online 24/7 at 56kbps, here's a calculation of how much traffic you would use:

    100 x 56 = 5600kbps
    5600kbps = 5600 kilobit per second = 700 kilobytes per second
    700 x 3600 = 2,520,000 kilobytes per hour = 2461 megabytes per hour
    2461 x 24 = 59,064 megabytes per day = 57.68 gigabytes per day
    57.68 x 30 = 1730.4 gigabytes per month
    Andre van Vliet

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    whats the exact command to import a sql file into an existing db via ssh?

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    mysql -h localhost -u$username -p$password $database < $sqldump
    obviously you'de replace $username,$password,$database,$sqldump with actual values.


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