Hi there,

I am looking for a good windows vps and ive saw your specials also you guys offer look better than SolarVPS. Look promising ! However some informations arent clear so i decided to post here.

I would love to know :
1 - What is the connection of the VPS (not server) it is 100mbps or 10 mbps or anything ?
2 - What is the version of windows 2003 ? It is web or standard ?
3 - It is possible to upgrade only the ram ?( Doesnt matter really)
4 - What are the conditions to get the second free month. Do you have to be hosted somewhere using a VPS or a shared ? Does the plan matter ?
5 - Do it include any monitoring service ?
6 - Can i run a small mmorpg server (a small vb game) on 384 meg of ram alone with apache and everything.. including mysql ?
6 - Anything i have to know ?

Thanks you very much