I've found the information in this post by Greg a pretty good guide to start at but I've run into many roadblocks along the way. I'm aware that its's just reposted from other resources as I've coma across the same information from multiple sites.


The issue I've ran into is I'm using Plesk so many of the the things are require manipulation of the directions or in some cases don't even apply. The sction under apache optimization for example would kill the VPS I started with. I understand that is something that has to be handled differently for different situations but I'm pretty sure it would kill any starter plan.

What I'd like to see is updated version, even taken different control panels into consideration. Maybe even start off simple with a condensed version with "must do" security enhancements.


As another suggestion how about opt-in type deal where the VPS can be firewalled and protected by a community APF/BFD . Or is that already being done? Wouldn't that be more efficient than running it on multiple VPS's?