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I am currently signed on another company but i wish to leave them..... and sign up here after many many problems they caused to my ...

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    I am currently signed on another company but i wish to leave them..... and sign up here after many many problems they caused to my site during - as they called -- "server transfer" (2 months now ,and still moving......... )

    Today its the second day my site is totally dead and i am very angry........

    I am customer to them less than a month and i am wondering about the "money back " issue. Is there a possibility they dont to refund my credit card billing.? How can i make sure they will.??

    Any advice at this time is great help for me

    Also 2 questions please
    1. How much time after my signup i will be able to edit -upload my site?
    2. Can i use both Fp extensions and Php -nuke .?


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    If your asking if this host will refund your money...I'm possitive they will. Now to answer your questions:
    1) As soon as your account is set up (5 minutes to a few hours)
    2) Don't know...but u can have FP Extensions and use PHP-Nuke
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    I signed up last night...

    and about two hours later I got the email saying that everything was ready to go. The high-end of my expectations was for it to be working sometime today (Sunday) and I would have understood if it didn't happen until Monday morning.

    Needless to say I'm a happy customer

    The DNS transfer is up to you and your registar. Basically Aletia will give you an IP address and the DNS server you need to use. It is then up to your registar (like network solutions or whoever you purchased your name from) to update its DNS table to begin pointing to it. After that is done it can take up to 72 hours for the information to propagate over the net.

    If you have any questions send me a private message and I'll answer them as best as I can.


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    Welcome a new neighbour,,,!

    i did it.... i have signed with Aletia few min. ago...

    I am sure i chose right this time( have changed 3 incuding valuablehost)


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    You've made the right decision to sign with Aletia, as all of the current customers will tell you.

    About getting your money back from the old hoster - if they don't give you a refund, you can cancel the charge by calling the credit provider and claiming that you didn't do business with that company.

    Note that you can only do it if you did not send any signed document to the hoster - if they have your signature then you can't cancel the transaction throught the credit company.

    I know that in some countries this is legal (and in fact the law governing credit card transaction provides this a safety measure for consumers). I don't know what's the US legislation.


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    Thank you all for your replies

    Ex company responded vvery quick and allready refunded my credit card

    so everyrithing is back to normal Exept that now i am customer of a Better company




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