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Hello, I don't know if this is something you can help me with, but I can't seem to find help anywhere else. I used FrontPage2000 ...

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    Netscape doesn't like my website

    I don't know if this is something you can help me with, but I can't seem to find help anywhere else. I used FrontPage2000 to create my website, and everything is working well in IE, but not in Netscape.There are a few minor annoyances, such as the counter, which is placed in a table at the far bottom right corner in a shared border, appears in Netscape near the top of the page. Also the top shared border has two AVI animations that show themselves as still pictures in Netscape.
    The big problem, though, is my sample streaming videos (.asf) on this page:
    They work fine in IE, but in Netscape, when I click the link, it brings up a page of programming gibberish. Is Netscape not capable of performing these tasks or what?
    Also, when sending from the order page, http://www.shelbyvision.com/OrderForm.htm
    I get a "Security Information" pop-up that says:
    Any information you submit is insecure and could be observed by a third party while in transit. If you are submitting passwords, credit card numbers, or other information you would like to keep private, it would be safer for you to cancel the submission.
    Is there any way to change this?

    Thank you,
    Steve Shelby

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    I'm not sure on a lot of it, but I can answer two possibilities. Netscape has difficulty with tables. If the td tags are separated by "enter" key, they can muddle the page in Netscape. You may have to directly edit your html to fix it.

    As for the popup, that's part of Netscape I believe, and the individual user has to set their preferences for it.

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    You're describing several problems which have different causes:

    1. Incompatability between IE and Netscape: This is a known problem because both browsers are not fully compliant with the HTML standard as published by the WWW consortium (http://www.w3c.org I think).
    This problem is even worse than you think! Each version of IE and Netscape has its own quirks and incompatabilities, so if you're setting up a high profile commercial site you need to test with at least 2-3 versions back of each browser. Then of course there are other browsers...
    I'm using a browser called Opera, which claims to be fully standard compliant (or at least more than the others...). So you might want to try for verification.

    2. Microsoft is trying to dominate the browser market (well every market if you think of it). One of their methods is to adopt a standard and add some small proprietary modifications to it. Then they release software packages that rely on the modified standard, while claiming to be compliant. After a few iterations they render the original standard useless and they have control of a new proprietary standard. FrontPage and IE are a good example of Microsoft's behavior.
    FrontPage is designed to use certain features of IE which are not present in other browser, because they are not standard compliant. I'm not familiar with FP, but there may be some kind of compatability mode setting, which disables the proprietary features. Then pages generated with FP may run better with other browsers.

    3. Regarding animations and streaming videos - this seems to be more of a plug-in issue. Check if Netscape has plug-ins for the MIME types that correlate with the files you try to display. As I don't have Netscape installed I can't tell you exactly how to do it, but it's somwhere in the settings/options.
    As an alternative you can go to Netscape and download the necessary plug-ins, regardless of their status on your system. Thus you can ensure you have them proprly installed.

    4. There are similar security warnings with IE and Opera. With IE there's a check-box along the line "Don't display this message again", and with Opera there's check-box in the security settings tab.
    I'm sure Netscape has a similar switch, although again I can't point to you exactly where it is. If all else fails, try posting a question with Netscape's support.

    Hope I helped,


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    FrontPage bites.

    Dreamweaver! Well worth it too!

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    frontpage simply writes the worst code after Word. also netscape won't read a page if it has conflicting tags or no opening or closing tags, like you forgot a <tr> at the start of a row. frontpage puts a lot of garbage into your html and you only need to maybe delete one half of a tag accidentally - msie which is a bit of a sl*t will still show the page like it's normal (keeping your attention) but netscape won't show it if there's code wrong with it. get dreamweaver and throw away stupid frontpage. dreamweaver rocks.

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    Dreamweaver Rocks!

    Yes. I agree. Dreamweaver does rocketh the webeth.
    I have it for mac and pc. (wink)4 brian

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    I had a look at the source code in IE and a few things i noticed right of the bat was You have the height and width set in pixels AND percents
    So you have
    <td width="100" height="100"> bla bla bla </td>

    and then you have

    <td width="100%">

    Now one thing is netscape doesnt always like tables all that well specially tables that are set with by pixel values percents are fine they work and netscape doesnt like height either..

    Continuing on you also have Div tags which are aligning the tabless.. (Commen thing that Frontpage does) Div tags if i can rememeber correctly are IE only.. Span tags are just like div tags BUT they work in netscape.. (or maybe its the other way around. Maybe someone who can remember these things can say more about it)

    Anywho i hope this has helped.. maybe you will be able to come to a conclustion on why its not working!
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