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With reference to other thread opened by a customer "jimnyc" saying good-bye to Jag after 9 years, and a reply from other customer "aclop001" about ...

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    Jag VPS and Support Review

    With reference to other thread opened by a customer "jimnyc" saying good-bye to Jag after 9 years, and a reply from other customer "aclop001" about vps; I would like to write a quick review of Jag VPS and Support.

    Sorry to know that particular customer got bad service from Jag. But, in my case, Jag is always helpful, courteous, friendly and moreover Quick in escalating issues of my VPS, DNS, pre-sales technical questions, as well as minor and major tech support.

    I'm a novice VPS user, and basically migrated from word-class leader LiquidWeb to Jag (due to pricing / billing issues). If I rate LW support as 4/5, I will happily rate Jag support as 3/5 (for nearly 20-30 tickets opened in last 4-5 months). Jag's Level 3 support staff definitely tries to solve my queries. What I expect is NOT QUICK copy-pasted, pre-formatted answer (or kind-of "we are looking into your problem" type-answer), but an in-depth escalation of my problem, that may take 8-10 hrs. or more and that's what Jag Level 3 staff has always offered me. In fact, I've seen my ticket transferred to their colleagues, and new inputs added to the ticket escalation wherever possible. Many times it took 1 full day to solve my problem and I waited. My wait was fruitful at last. I know Jag lacks a little bit for time taken to reply the tickets, but, they definitely present a solution to my queries.

    Just, yesterday my DNS entries gone wrong as so my dns propagation was giving errors. That was a minor thing - technically, but my sites were down, in within 3-4 hrs. I received a reply from two support guys which stated exactly where the error was. I just corrected those entries in WHM as they were simple and easy, and my sites were back. If they hadn't pointed out where the error was and just gave me the solution - i would have never learnt in 1st place as what caused that problem.

    Jag's Level 1 support (I think they became more technically knowledgeable in last 30-40 days) is too helpful and quick. The support staff is friendly and has always looked into my problem. In fact, my 1st choice is Level 1 support, and if they cant find the exact solution, or if my query is beyond their technical know-how, then they themselves open a Level 3 support ticket for me on my behalf

    And most important thing at Jag is they keep FOLLOW UP of all communication in most of my tech-support tickets. This is what is the important part technical support a business must have! Tell me which hosting company keeps a follow up of whether a issue is fully solved or not?

    I was able to contact owner of Jag by email 2-3 times from pre-sales day to DNS hijacking problem, etc. and I got reply from Greg in almost 10-12 hrs that he has asked someone to look into the problem. Greg even stated that he will consider my suggestions, etc.

    What's more! For in-depth escalation of my tickets, I've contacted their support staff on WHT forum and he agreed to look into it, and to my surprise, solved it and PM me with thorough explanation.

    Thanks of Greg, Zachary, Ross, Payal, Sreejith, Nasir, Jar, Sajjad, Santosh and other Staff people.

    The pre-sales staff was quick answer my queries. The sales staff verified my paypal payment and instantly setup my vps in few hrs after placing the order. Though WHT special discount coupon was used, those specs were not applied to my vps. I brought this issue through the ticket, and they said sorry and applied those new specs to my vps.

    The server port speed (data transfer speed) was also increased to 100mbps when I showed them the technical benchmarking test I've done and my request was accepted by support staff who increased the port speed and showed me the test results he had done. Tell me which company will accept that their port speed is less than that was offered? I've seen many hosting companies on WHT forum who just keep blaming their customers instead of accepting their faults! But Jag is a different company. Though in most hosting review sites I never see Jag as a mentioned / or preferred hosting provider, But, trying and using Jag makes me think that they are truly professional and as good as Wired Tree, LiquidWeb, KnowHost and other high end premium vps providers. Though there is still more space for improvements in Jag

    I've installed custom cpanel-Ngnix on my vps which makes my sites 70% faster than Apache-based sites. This has tremendously decreased my server load / cpu usage. (On Apache the load was 1.0, 1.3, 2.1) on Ngnix with Apache-as-backend the load is just (0.3, 0.8, 1.3).. So, this has really helped my vps container as well a Jag as their resources are less utilized by my sites. (For novice users: Nginx serves your static files quickly, and Apache serves the dynamic files, db queries, etc.)

    Now I'm planning to use Cloudflare DNS to offload the load on my vps dns server thus further reducing overall server load/cpu usage.

    I did not find Jag VPS overloaded in this past 4-5 months. The WordPress blogs I've used are giving consistence reports when checked with Pingdom, Y!slow and Google pagespeed. I could not find ups and downs on vps container. Neither any errors in it. The WHM, cPanel installations, DNS server, Apache configurations, etc. are all error free and working fine from day one.

    The cPanel addon Plugin: Config cPanel Firewall and Security is really handy and very useful to check security of my vps container as a whole. The support staff helped me to check on/off certain modules in this plugin to fit my vps environment.

    I've too configured my php.ini file and other Apache modules, EasyApache upgrades [on/off] with help of support staff.

    All this shows that Jag's staff is really keen to help their customers. I never heard anyone of them saying NO. The only lacking thing in Jag is TIME. Time to get tickets answered. But I hope that will too improve in course of time.

    What I've NOT tested:
    I've not tested their backup and restore service that comes with vps plan.

    What Assurances I've got and NOT tested:
    1. In case, allotted inode gets full, they will increase my inode limit up on my request. (Which is good, as only few vps hosting companies increase the inode and other just ask to buy another vps or dedicated plan)

    2.The WHT coupon I've applied, will work forever during the upgrades too. - Which is great.

    What Fully Managed Services I've NOT tested:
    1. cPanel/WHM version upgrades - I've did myself as I found them easy.
    2. Server Software upgrades, patching, hardening, etc.

    (If anyone of you have tested / had experience with above "not-tested" things, then please add below.)

    So, the VPS rating in short:
    Plan Specs: 4/5 (50GB space, 4GB burstable RAM)
    VPS speed: 4/5 (for Apache based testing)
    VPS speed: 4.5/5 (for Nginx plus Apache based testing)
    Port speed: 5/5
    Uptime: 99.9% (except minor scheduled downtime/maintenance)
    Disk I/O: acceptable
    Hardware failure: None
    Level 3 Tech Support: 4/5
    Level 1 Tech Support: 3/5
    Pre-Sales Support: 4/5

    What I like about Jag:
    1. The owner is active in forums, is open to suggestions.
    2. Staff active on various webmaster forums, esp. WHT.
    3. The 'levels' in customer service.
    4. Specs offered (vps product)
    5. Pricing (acceptable)
    6. Staff active and helpful always.

    What Improvement Should Jag make:
    1. Lessen the time taken to answer the support ticket.
    2. Add more specs to vps like more disk space, free auto-installers, rather than RAM.
    3. Send pre-formatted email to vps customer as what kind of hardening, security patches Staff can activate/install, or what must be installed on their vps. (In my case I've to read WHM / cpanel / third-party forums to know what hardening, vps security means)
    4. Send pre-formatted email when Staff is upgrading/patching the OS,Apache server, etc. I've seen such status on Jag Forums, but I'm not the one who checks it every day. An email at my inbox is always welcome.

    My Tip of Jag Customers:
    1. Shoot the problem to right Level of Support Staff. This will decrease the time of escalation of your query as it goes to the right person who can handle it.
    2. Wait for 6-8 hrs. If you want in-depth answers.
    3. Keep follow-up of your ticket with Level 1 staff through On-line chat. Ask them to assign your ticket to Level2 / Level 3 staff as quickly as possible. A quick phone call will also help. Remember 1 to 1 talking is more favorable in B2B/B2C world rather than emails, tweets, sms texts.
    4. Be courteous, friendly with the staff if your expect them to be friendly and courteous.
    5. Give in-depth information of your problem: why it happened, how it happened, or after what tweak you made the problem aroused, etc. This helps to understand your queries and staff can work on it quickly.
    6. Frustrated with vps container? Not performing well? Do ask politely to move to another container, or data center. I hope Jag or any reputed hosting company will migrate customer to a better server.

    In short, Jag's service is industry-standard right now, in some situations, they've gone beyond those standards and showed that they really care for their customers, and if Jag keeps up with its ever increasing standard, I'll certainly stay with them for 9 years and more!

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    wow, very detailed and lengthy review and feedback. We appreciate your business and the time you took to write this out.
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    welcome Greg

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    When Jag continually ignores the same issues over and over and over again while making promises to address them then we have a serious problem

    For example, my server is down again today, going on close to an hour now. Most likely it is the same issue as yesterday as evidenced by cpu load - over 60 percent at one point. This is simply irresponsible on jag's part and shows a lack of concern or a severe staffing issue, and has been going on for too long now. The response times are slow and the problems numerous.
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    Hi Morty,
    I wanted to make sure that you have opened a ticket with support and that your issue has received a response. If you do have a ticket open then our technicians will update you as soon as they have more information available. Each client is very important to us at JaguarPC. If problems exist for a client then we are definitely concerned. Our quality assurance team is always grateful for our client's feedback. Thank you for making us aware of the issues you are facing.

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