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I get a Java Script error when trying to creat a custom error page. When I push any of the buttons to insert "Referring URL" ...

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    Custom Error Page Generator

    I get a Java Script error when trying to creat a custom error page.

    When I push any of the buttons to insert "Referring URL" or "Server Name" or the like, I get a java error.

    I've tried both Netscape and IE, with the same results.

    Any suggestions, or is it just me?


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    I'm not sure about JS error, btu there is better way to handle "bad" requests.
    Ccheck this topic

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    Thanks for the "pointer"

    Thanks for the "pointer" to the other topic.... and someday I hope to actually try some fun things like that...

    Unfortunately right now I'm just trying to get my site back up online, and in between trying to deal with InterNIC-cum-NetworkSolutions-cum-Verisign and making the required modifications to get my perl scripts running, (not to mention my 40-hour job) I don't have much time at the moment for the "good" stuff.

    I was hoping someone might be familiar with the problem (or symptom) and be able to point me in the right direction.

    Since I've noticed you have posted very helpful things around these fora, do you know of an easy way to debug cgi(perl) scripts, when all you get in the log is "unexpected end of script headers" and the like?


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    to bad I'm not a Perl man

    but hope this will help you:

    The first line of the output of the CGI scripts must be "Content-type: text/html\n\n". Otherwise the server will give you the error message: "unexpected end of script header". One blank line of the header is strictly required.

    if not - let me know, I may ask somebody who knows Perl.

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    I don't understand what you're trying to accomplish.

    hey you're in boston! Bahston rocks
    - Julie
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    i'm experiencing problems with the buttons in the custom error page generator as well.

    maybe the default page should be in the form, then we have the option of editing that page.

    is it possible to return to the default error page after you've submitted a custom page?

    i'm on a macintosh OS 9.2.1 running ms internet explorer 5.0.


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