Hoping I can get some customer support here after trying unsuccessfully to their technical support, customer service, and billing addresses...

First I thought my FTP servers were down and asked technical support to look into it. They reset my FTP servers without trying the ftp account username and password I provided them with, then told me to try it again, bit lazy I thought. Still not working.

For some reason I checked my main domain, which I had recently renewed, invoice #174923, on the 16th October. Checking the web pages on my main domain, I find that I no longer I in control of it, despite whois listing me as the registrar, allbeit an expired registrar, stating it expired on 18th October i.e. 2 days after I'd paid for it to be renewed.

My domain now shows a generic link directory.

Hoping that customer service will get in touch some time soon and explain what is going on.

I am becoming an increasingly dissatisfied customer.