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There was massive outage this morning - your main website was out of action, the forum inaccessible, no access to support tickets, and lots of ...

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    proper proactive status updates?

    There was massive outage this morning - your main website was out of action, the forum inaccessible, no access to support tickets, and lots of comments on twitter and your facebook page.

    see https://twitter.com/search?src=typd&q=jaguarpc

    I called the tech support at 0945 GMT after it had been down for well over an hour and a half and was advised that you were aware of the issue but they wouldn't give me any more details or any ETA on the fix

    I've said it before ages ago but how about saving yourselves lots of calls and hassle by having someone from support post a proper update on twitter or facebook so that customers can see that you are actually aware of the issue? If someone is aware of a significant issue (I would imagine your own website reporting as inaccessible from multiple locations would meet that threshold), how about telling us on a 3rd party site?

    It seems like a no brainer and also would limit the frustration of customers who are left completely in the dark.

    And I brought this up before but nothing seems to have happened - proper explanations for what's gone on and how it will be avoided again would be appreciated. Everything on my VPS being inaccessible and the whole of JaguarPC being inaccessible for several hours is pretty significant and has severely dented my faith in the service and I'm sure I won't have been the only one.

    I'm aware that there will always be hiccups and this is the first one for a while - my own VPS having been exceedingly stable for over a year - but JaguarPC just can't deal with the hiccups well and doesn't seem to learn: as a customer there's a massive difference between being completely in the dark for hours and hours on end, and the alternative scenario I'm suggesting where I check twitter or facebook, note that you are aware of the issue, see another post with more information when you have it and some updates on a likely fix. It doesn't seem a lot but would make a massive difference. And would presumably save you time and money!!!

    I have used JaguarPC for years and years now but I will have to look at options for making email more robust and having a failback because of this and because of the length of the downtime.

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    Sorry we let you down d-s. It was a weird series of events and I agree we should have posted on social media. We've taken away a lot of info from the events of last night/this morning.
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    Yeah, but - most unfortunately - these suggestions I've made were all made two years ago: http://forums.jaguarpc.com/virtual-p...verticket.html

    The fact that it would save Jag money and time makes it even more insane. Why pay some guy to answer the phone and repeat the same information constantly when one tweet or facebook page would achieve the same. It's bizarre

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    We were posting updates to our backup blog at Atlanta Network Maintenance – 3/1/2016 | JaguarPC Backup BlogJaguarPC Backup Blog . We understand that many clients are unaware of the existence of the backup blog. Techs who were on shift did not have access to post on Facebook, Twitter page, though they still continued to update backup blog. Next time (hopefully it will never happen again) this will not repeat and the corresponding social media pages will be updated.

    What really happened is that after the maintenance finished by one of our upstream providers, they missed two of our ranges and they stopped to be announced to some providers. Unfortunately it took longer for them than we expected to troubleshoot it and find the culprit of the issue.

    Again apologize for any inconveniences this issue have caused you. We already have a discussion within management to take all appropriate measures to avoid this situation and have the proper updates in the places which clients may reach.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JPC-Serg View Post
    Hmmm... "updates"?

    Everything was out of action for about 6 hours.

    The first mention of this being anything other than "maintenance" was at "1:04 pm". So not particularly helpful "updates".

    And if you look more closely at these "updates":

    March 1, 2016 at 1:04 pm

    We are having issue with the IP range and you may experience issues while accessing your sites or accounts if they are hosted on this IP range. We are working with our Network administrators to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Your patience is highly appreciated.
    March 1, 2016 at 2:26 pm

    Services on those IPs must be back on-line. They were not available earlier after our upstream provider’s maintenance which affected this particular range. It has been sorted and everything is back to normal now.

    We are terribly sorry for any inconveniences this issue might have caused you.

    If you have any questions related to this issue, please contact our technical support.
    March 1, 2016 at 3:03 pm

    The range is not available through some providers at this time. So some clients might experience issues connecting their sites on those IPs. Our upstream provider is aware about it and is taking the appropriate measures to resolve it as quickly as possible.

    We appreciate your patience and understanding in regards to this issue.
    March 1, 2016 at 3:32 pm

    That range is now available from all providers across the world. There should not be any other routing anomalies.

    Please accept our apologize for any inconvenience this issue might have caused you.

    So even these "updates" are a little bit all over the place - being very selective with information given and indeed implying that the issue was solved when clearly it wasn't.

    I'm trying to provide constructive criticism but to put it a little less diplomatically - Jag do have a clear history of being unable to provide proper updates and have continued this pattern for years. And even the updates are less than economical with the truth and try to make things appear less concerning than they are.


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