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I have been notified that the amount to restore is 1.6TB we are currently on just over 1TB This will take us into Late Thursday/Friday ...

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    Summit Questions

    I have been notified that the amount to restore is 1.6TB we are currently on just over 1TB
    This will take us into Late Thursday/Friday before restore is complete.

    I was told Summit was under subscribed when I transferred accounts on to it, if I'd have know better I would have set up a server elsewhere to place on.

    1. MySQL was down, could you not have restored that rather then everything and then we could have looked into accounts on a individual basis.

    2. Are you aware of how damaging this is to our businesses and our clients business.

    3. In the past, accounts were brought back online A-E and so forth whilst transfering.

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    That's pretty slow restore which none us would have ever expected.

    1. That's the first thing we have done. Many files were damaged due to the power failure in UK facility. After fsck, we have tried just MySQL restore to bring it back up. It appears that when MySQL restore has finished, many more files were found to be damaged and it was decided to restore whole system. The admin who worked on it will be available today/tomorrow. I will send him the link to the thread and he will provide more updates on that decision.

    2. There is no excuse for that sort issues. It happens from time to time when such failures happens. We will work on improving that stuff. We are trying to follow prepare, plan,design,implement, operate and optimize model. We are troubleshooting with backup software team possible reasons on the slowness and will try to get them fixed. That whole failure of summit.nocdirect.com is very damaging for our clients and impacts us very much.

    3. I guess you meant that earlier we were restoring accounts in alphabetic order. That's absolutely right, there was a reason why we were doing the file restore earlier. File restore could have been a few time slower in comparison with BMR. That's why it was decided to do full bare metal restore this time.
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    Firstly, thank you for your post. Serg brought this thread to my attention, so I wanted to provide some additional context regarding your first inquiry. After the server was brought online following the power failure, a filesystem check was performed and it was found that some critical mysql data was left in a corrupted state. We restored all system and client database tables from backups, but while troubleshooting some follow-up issues related to mysql it was discovered that there were many other critical system files that were corrupt/missing (unrelated to mysql, but necessary for other services such as e-mail authentication and cpanel integration). Since we had seen corrupt/missing data across several locations on the server, and it was affecting ALL clients on the server, the best course of action was to restore everything from a single point to ensure the integrity of the data on the server.
    I hope that this is helpful for you, and if you should have any further questions or concerns at all then please let us know.

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    It has now being 7 hours without a update.


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