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Since CentOS 5 is due to go EOL fairly soon I decided it was about time I looked into getting my VPS updated. Checking the ...

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    Angry Poor customer experience

    Since CentOS 5 is due to go EOL fairly soon I decided it was about time I looked into getting my VPS updated.

    Checking the jaguarpc website the lowest level unmanaged cloudVPS offers slightly more resources and nominally better performance than my existing VPS for slightly less than I am currently paying, though I was slightly miffed to note that the monthly cost for the WHM/capnel licence is actually $1.50 than I am currently being charged. Having established this would serve my needs I enquired as to how to go about updating my VPS and was told I needed to order the new service through my client page a nd then cancel the existing service once I had got everything transferred across. So far so good (though perhaps Jaguarpc should be more proactive in encouraging people in my position to change before CentOS actually goes EOL).

    On to the ordering processs. Log into my client area to order a new service. Select the desired level of VPS and then the problems start.
    Firstly the configuration page only gives you an option of Data center, and whether you want Litespeed httpd and/or spam experts. No mention of any of Cpanel or any of the other optional extras. No problem I thought, just put a note in the additional information box to specify I also needed WHM/Cpanel and also point out that the intention was to replace my existing service. I also entered the desired VPS hostname , nameserver names and password.

    Submitting the order took multiple attempts as it complained about the verification code being missing for the payment card, but no option to enter it so I had to re-enter all the card details as a new card. Email confirming order came through almost instantly and a short time later the email saying the service had bee set-up with details of how to access it via ssh and via whm. First thing I noticed was that the password wasn't quite as I believed I had entered it, though since that had been sent through in a plain text email I will need to change it anyway. Tried to access via the whm addresss, no response from server. Logged in via ssh to notice that service had actually been set up as vpsbloodycat.org.uk rather than the intended vps.bloodycat.org.uk. I'm not sure if that was a typo on my part or it got mangled in the form processing, though it's not unreasonable to expect that since I specified the nameservers as ns1.bloodycat.org.uk and ns2.bloodycat.org.uk that someone might have queried it. Checked the server and found no httpd service was running and no evidence of cpanel being present.

    I submitted a support ticket to get the hostname corrected and query the lack of cpanel. After being passed around a bit someone corrected the hostname (at least on the running vps but it still shows up incorrectly in my client area and the change didn't survive a reboot ( I have since configured it myself so it will). Support ticket was then booted back to sales re the lack of cpanel, unfortunately too late for it to be dealt with before they all took the day off for Thanksgiving.

    Today I recieved the following message:
    The unmanaged Cloud VPS that you purchased doesn't have cPanel included, so it was only setup with the operating system CentOS7. Would you like to purchase a cpanel license for this server, the license is $7.00 a month.
    To which I immediately responded stating of course I did and pointing out that it had been requested in the additional information box of my order. Over 4 hours later and still no response so I have now been unable to start migrating from my old VPS for a full 48 hours and it is possible I may not be able to get the process completed and checked in time to cancel the old service before I get billed for another month since they don't work weekends.

    Most of my issues are caused by the inadequate ordering system, I have several suggestions for improvements to that. Though there would appear to other issues with your systems. sending out set-up email detailing a whm url when it isn't even installed for a start, and including the password in the email is very bad practice from a security point of view ( though useful since the password entry on the order form obscures the password so you can't see what you've typed, but doesn't ask for ypu to re-enter it to check you haven't mistyped it) .

    I could go on, but most people have probably stopped reading by now. Just to say had this been my first experience with JaguarPC, had I not given up at the order form stage I probably would have by now and taken my custom elsewhere.

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    Thanks for the feedaback on the ordering process. We will look into this.
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