Seems that no matter how much things change they don't seem to ever really change. I've been a reseller with HostingZoom and now Jag PC for many years. I can remember back in the day when I'd enter a support ticket and be blown away by getting a response in an hour or so. Even if it was just to ask me what my admin password was so they could investigate the problem I was reporting. Then systems were updated and improved and the new system had fields where you could put in the domain and username and password along with your problem. This must have caused a large influx of problems that could now be investigated upon the first request and so response got longer and longer.

Then yet another update and back again are the first replies requesting login information that was given with the original request but apparently couldn't be seen by the first responders. And sure enough, I just today submitted two tickets with two different problems and provided my super user login info only to get messages back asking for my login information. Oh, and it wasn't really clear if the request was for the VPS login or for the actual Domain login or for the program that was having an issue. Just a "please provide root login info so we can investigate the issue".. Umm.. the root login info that I submitted with the ticket to begin with ??????? Maybe after 48 hours of tossing incomplete questions and guesses at the answers we can actually get to working on the problem at hand. If we are lucky maybe the client (me) will go somewhere else or maybe the problem will just resolve itself relieving us all from this anguish.

C'mon, Tech Support should really be better than this you guys. How long have you been doing this now? I know I've been doing it long enough to know that with every ticket I have to provide the VPS login. How bout you follow up by saying which login info you want so I don't assume that you just glanced over my submission and didn't see the login info I already provided and blow a gasket because of your lame reply to my call for help.

OK, done venting... for this time.