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My acount got suspended with no notice or explination. I'm through Aletia rather than Jaguar, and I don't know if that makes a difference. The ...

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    acount suspended

    My acount got suspended with no notice or explination. I'm through Aletia rather than Jaguar, and I don't know if that makes a difference. The Aletia site doesn't have any phone number to call, the Jaguar site has one.

    I wouldn't be so concerned with the phone number, except that when I sent them an e-mail I got a generated reply, no explination and I was directed to the JaguarPC client login. However, (i'm asuming becuase my acount is suspended) when I tried to login with my ID, etc, it just reloads the login screen. I have no way of contacting anyone, don' tknow what happened and am really rather frustrated. Any help or advice with this situation would be greatly apreciated.


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    Submit a support ticket. You can log in to the support ticket thing seperately from your account, and if you haven't used it before, you'll need to create a suuport account.

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    Something similar happened to me recently. My yearly hosting charge didn't go through way back in February, and I never found out about it until last week, when my site got mysteriously axed. I didn't have a login for the clients page because I forgot my original password, but I filed a ticket about my suspended site, and support sent that info to me. When I logged in, I saw the outstanding bill immediately, so I was able to fix that and get my domain back up and running.

    Did you file a support ticket? Something might have just gotten massively messed up somewhere on their end.

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    You might want to pull out your old bank statements... My site went down a couple of days ago, with absolutely no warning. I opened a ticket and was told I had been suspended for not paying.

    In fact, I had indeed paid, three months earlier. It took over 24 hours to get my account unsuspended. During that time, my issue was bounced from support to billing to sales, and each time I had to start over from the beginning. Also during that time, my credit card was charged for the so-called missing payment. I then had to appeal to JPC to get this charge removed, AGAIN citing evidence that I had already paid.

    Finally, after over 24 hours of this, my site was up and running, and I was given a simple apology from the sales deptartment. They should have offered me a discount!

    Now, a day later, my site has gone down again for some reason that I am working on discovering.


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