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I set up Phpnuke for my website but when I try to goto the http://sportsandgames.net/community/admin.php to log in and edit my site I find myself ...

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    Phpnuke/Postnuke question

    I set up Phpnuke for my website but when I try to goto the http://sportsandgames.net/community/admin.php to log in and edit my site I find myself getting an 'intruder' image (http://sportsandgames.net/community/images/eyes.gif).. So basically how am I supposed to goto my admin pannel from the control panel when it doesn't even prompt me to log in on phpnuke. Obviously there is some way to log in or something that I am missing...

    also when I try the autoinstall for postnuke it doesn't work... I get the following error -> Fatal error: Cannot redeclare unixdate() in /home/jsportsa/public_html/postnuke/pnadodb/adodb.inc.php on line 1477

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    Er... you double-posted, but I guess I'll go ahead and answer you here.

    PHP-Nuke is cutting edge technology. However, the version 'they' offer in Cpanel, for autoinstall, is like 10 generations removed. I think it was like 5.5 or something. It's several months old, which in Nuke years makes it the equivelent of a 1932 Ford Model-A.

    Having said that, this web board isn't the best place to get the answer[s] to your PHP-Nuke question[s]. They tolerate Nuke users here, but basically we're regarded as 'side-show freaks.'

    Now, as fate would have it, you have stumbled into an odd situation. I'm a moderator and bug-chaser on one of the top PHP-Nuke theme sites around, and another JagPC client, Zhen-Xjell, is the owner, operator and principle moving force behind some of the the best PHP-Nuke support sites in the world, if not the moving force behind the whole friggin' PHP-Nuke movement altogether.

    I suppose we could work you though your PHP-Nuke problems here, but I don't see the point of it. It's going to be wasted on everyone else. Instead, I suggest you go over to ZX's most excellent support site, www.NukeCops.com .

    If you're new to PHP-Nuke, you're going to require a lot of hand-holding for a while, and this isn't the place for it. Take my advice and register at NukeCops...
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    VinDSL is right, hop over to Nuke Cops for support. This way not only will you get the answer, but it'll be there for others to learn from.
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